Website Hosting

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WheWe are dedicated to providing fast, affordable and reliable solutions of the highest quality. 

Our servers are located in downtown Philadelphia who provide its customers with superior network connectivity with minimal required downtime. Located in Philadelphia, Our Data Center boasts over 20,000 square feet of raised floor space featuring state-of-the-art security, safety, and cooling systems and is second-to-none in the industry.

Please Note: At AWC Global Business Solutions we do not design or host websites containing nudity, pornography, racism, anti-government material(s), anti-religious sites, or any business or organization that is or is likely to be involved in controversy that could adversely affect our reputation.

AWC Global Business Solutions has partnered up with the GREAT Codero’s to offer you dedicated server hosting portfolio allows you to optimize your IT infrastructure for reliability, performance, and security. Choose from Windows® or Linux® servers and create your ideal hosting environment with a combination of dedicated servers, private cloud, and public cloud – all backed by AWC Global Business Solutions and Codero’s Exceptional Service and top notch 24/7, US based support.

We focus on optimizing and managing the data center, networking, hardware, and application infrastructure, so that you can stay focused on running and growing your business.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Built For High-Performance

At the basic foundation of your hosted computing environment, a server is the most vital component of your IT solution. A dedicated server is completely devoted to your application's sole needs, and not shared with another customer, so you enjoy more performance and flexibility than a shared hosting solution or cloud instance. If you are running certain workloads, such as a database, a dedicated server is the only reliable solution to host your database. Codero offers a broad and growing lineup of server choices with daily dedicated server deals for those looking to get maximum performance at an affordable price. Our dedicated hosting solutions are fully optimized for speed, security and scalability. You can feel confident in our services knowing we have SSAE 16 (SAS 70) Certified data centers and 24x7x365 technical support provided by our friendly, industry certified, seasoned staff.

Dedicated Server Hosting Features

When you are ready to add more sites, more bandwidth and more concurrent users, you can move up to the next level of server. That way, you can strengthen your database, video and mutli-tasking capabilities... and still enjoy the best value. Responsive and scalable, every server is configured specifically to meet your exact demands. Each server comes with:

100% uptime
Unmetered bandwidth options available
Experienced 24/7/365 technical support
Helpful answers from Knowledge Base
Rewards point program
Round the clock surveillance, security, network monitoring, and power backup systems
Need More? Managed Hosting Works Behind the Scenes for You

As you select from high-performing server choices at competitive prices, you may want to consider the time you could save focusing exclusively on your business instead of your IT. That's where Codero's managed hosting fits in. It's ready to go to work for you whenever you are ready. We provide the server and infrastructure you need and then manage your server environment. Even better, managed hosting solutions can be further customized with a full range of à la carte options.